Buying a quality massage oil or lotion is a particularly important task as Massage oils or lotions are basically designed and manufactured to make a massage session restorative and to calm our senses. They hydrate and protect our skin, retain moisture, and reduces friction between the skin and the hands of the masseuse.

Spa Bodega offers a range of nourishing, non-greasy, and effortless massage oils and lotions for all skin types. Our light and silky formula wash out easily from fabrics leaving the sheets and towels looking their best. From Organic & unscented water-soluble massage lotion to a variety of aromatherapy massage oils (Single and 4 Pack), Spa Bodega Professional Massage Creams, and lotions provide superior lubrication and smooth glide are required essentially for a massage.

All Spa Bodega Massage Oils, Lotions, and Creams are non-allergenic, contaminant-free, fully absorbent, anti-inflammatory, contains anti-oxidants and nourishes the skin. No petroleum products or animal ingredients have been used in the making of these oils and lotions and as they are thermally balanced, will not break down when warmed.

This wide range also consists of Massage oil, lotion, and cream warmer for Salon Spa Massage Body therapy and even a massage oil holster to keep your oils handy during a massage. Choose your Massage Oil or lotion from the best available in the market according to your needs from Spa Bodega now!