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Spa Bodega Organic & Unscented Nourishing Massage Cream

Spa Bodega Organic & Unscented Nourishing Massage Cream

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The Spa Bodega's Essential Nourishing Organic & Unscented Cream is a luxurious massage creme that provides an extra smooth glide and lubrication. It goes on with a unique, satiny feel - never feeling oily or greasy - and then progresses to a powdery, almost dry feel. Extracts of chamomile, arnica, aloe, and vitamin E have been included to keep the skin soft and supple.

Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!
  • Provides superior lubrication and smooth glide required for massage.
  • Non-allergenic, contaminant-free, fully absorbent, and nourishing for the skin.
  • Water-soluble for ease of washing linens.
  • Thermally balanced and will not break down when warmed.
  • No petroleum products were used.
  • No animal ingredients or testing was used.
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