About Us

Welcome to Spa Bodega. We specialize in the manufacturing of products for the health and wellness industry. Our aim is to help promote not only physical health but also mental health. We are now more aware than ever before to the negative site effects of too much stress, air pollution, poor nutrition and the many financial pressures that the majority of us are having to cope with due to the high rising cost for all basic necessities. Our products are made of the highest quality and we make it a point not to compromise in any way in the manufacturing process. If you are buying one of our handheld massage items for yourself, a love one, your spa, yoga or Pilates studios, please be assured that it will be of the highest quality followed with the best in customer service. 

One of Spa Bodega mission is to help promote the beauty that’s found in all of us regardless of borders. We believe that we do better as a society when we are experiencing less stress from the daily troubles of life. A healthy mind and body allows us to explore more of the world and embrace the differences between cultures as it enriches our experience and helps to make us all more well rounded and tolerant of those who are different than us. 

We Are Socially Conscious: 

All of the products we sell are aligned with a social impact mission. Some of the causes we promote are as follows:

1) A Zero Carbon Footprint World
2) The Malala Fund
3) Domestic Violence Prevention & Aid
4) Help to Men, Women & Children Displaced From Their Homelands Due to War & Civil Unrest
5) Aid to Those Experiencing Homelessness
6) Clean Water Initiatives
7) Endangered Species Conservation

We aim to serve as advocates that help rebuild broken lives. We believe in focusing our energy on helping those willing to learn how to fish for themselves.

We believe that those we help will blossom and grow in hope and self esteem, allowing them to become self-sufficient and support their families. We believe in helping both men and women; however, we are highly aware that in communities struggling with poverty, women are the driving force in helping their families to get out of poverty. If women are given an opportunity in terms of training in a field and then job placement, there’s an 80% chance that their families will be pulled out of poverty. Thus, a lot of our focus is on helping women because we know that if they are given the chance and opportunity to improve their lot in life the rest of their families will benefit greatly. We would love to have you join us in our mission to help meant broken lives so they can reclaim their rightful place in society. For the Love of People & Earth!