Single Bottle Massage Oil Holster, Great Massage Tool!

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  • Wonderful Choice for Massage therapists

    Enjoy the massage with our Single Bottle Holster

      Massage therapists don’t need to stretch day after day, it's the little things that can really make a difference in keeping yourself in optimum shape for treatment. Keep your massage oils and lotions conveniently close at hand during massage treatments with this adjustable black holster, designed to hold any 8 oz bottle.

    Includes: Easy to use and fits any 8 oz session bottle.


    Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!

    • Heavy Duty Nylon Pouch.
    • Conveniently fits any 8 oz bottle.
    • Adjustable for your luxurious comfort.
    • 1" wide belt strap with heavy-duty edging.
    • Available in Elegant Black.