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Spabodega Crescent Round High Fidelity Sound Face Cushion- Bluetooth Music Headrest

Spabodega Crescent Round High Fidelity Sound Face Cushion- Bluetooth Music Headrest

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Product Details

Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!

    • High-Quality Stereo Sound
    • Convenient Connectivity - With three different ports
    • 1000 mAh lithium battery
    • Supports 12 hours of music playback
    • Available Online in 6 Colors
    • Memory Foam molds to fit any client's shape
    • Positions head and neck in perfect alignment with spine
    • Eliminates pressure points for instant relief of upper back and neck pain

Musical Headrest Cushion

Designed to fit on any massage table, the high-fidelity stereo speakers of the MusicMaster bring you crisp sound quality, while built-in music ensures soothing vibes. Easily play your music by connecting to Bluetooth or your mobile devices via an AUX 3.5mm audio port– making relaxation convenient and enjoyable whether you're on a spa bed, beauty bed or massage table.

Convenient Bluetooth Connection

This FCC certified Bluetooth-enabled music headrest pillow connects quickly and easily to all of your devices—from cell phones, iPads, and TVs to speakers. Enjoy calming melodies or soothing sounds as you let music enhance any massage session.

Bluetooth & AUX Connection

With multiple ways to connect music to the face cushion, you can offer a calming experience in any setting. Connect your phone, iPod, or MP3 player via Bluetooth or the three different ports for iPhone, Samsung and 3.5mm Aux. Whatever device you own, the MusicMaster Sound Headrest Pillow is compatible for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Built-In White Noise & Music

You also have the option of simple white noise, perfect for busy environments and rest.

In addition to connecting to your devices, this versatile music neck support /face cushion is also preprogrammed with relaxing sounds! From gentle raindrops to deep ocean waves, get lost in a tranquil sound scape featuring 50+ calming natural noises– including crackling fires and croaky frogs.

Add a special touch to any massage session with the MusicMaster High Fidelity Bluetooth Musical Face Cradle Cushion! Perfect for massage therapy, this unique music headrest cushion has two built-in stereo speakers that provide realistic sound quality, allowing your clients to enjoy soothing sounds during the massage. The ultra-soft molded sound neck pillow for massage table is 3.5 inches thick with a memory foam effect that contours to the shape of your head and neck, while the convenient portable design is lightweight enough for professional or home use. A1000 mAh lithium battery supports 12 hours of music playback when fully charged so you can enjoy all-day use. Provide your massage clients with an unforgettable relaxation experience with the MusicMaster High Fidelity Sound Face Cradle Cushion Pillow!

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