Hammock, Porta Shelf, Wood-Frame Portable Massage Table Storage Shelf for Bolsters, Cushions, Pillows, Sheets and Accessories, Creates More Space Under Your Table (massage table not included)

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Master Massage Porta Shelf with a lightweight nylon mesh hammock design fits most portable massage tables. The hammock provides extra storage space to conveniently keep bolsters, cushions, pillows and towels within easy reach underneath your massage table.

Key Features:

• Simply and Elegantly made, works nicely on portable massage tables.
• Reinforced design and professional quality meet your satisfaction.
• Maximize your storage space, to store your bolsters, cushions, pillows, and sheets right under your own therapy table.
• The cleaner look is more spa-like and keeps the supplies on the shelf from being in the eye of the client.
• Affordable price and excellent value.