Heat has always been a very important part of massage therapy, highly used to ease muscle tension and pain. Hot massage therapy reduces stress and anxiety, calms your mind, and reduces insomnia and the most common techniques include using a hot massage stone or heated oil to apply pressure over the body. Hence, professional massage therapists should always have a set of massage stone warmers and massage oil heaters handy to give their clients a good experience of hot massage therapy.

Spa Bodega has a range of accessories like a massage stone warmer, table warming pad, electrically heated towel rack, and massage oil heater to make sure you have everything you need for deep hot massage therapy within the Spa or for catering and hotels. With a compact design and exclusive features, these warmers heat oils, lotions, creams, and stones quickly and help keep the temperature consistent for a restorative massage experience.

Must haves for any spa industry professional, all Spa Bodega Warmers and heaters are durable, easy to clean, and help even the temperature without compromising the nutrients of massage oils, lotions, or stones. Buy the best-heated towel rack and warmers from Spa Bodega for happier and warmer massage therapy now.