A variety of massage equipment is being used by therapists nowadays to help enhance their practice and experience. One of many such required equipment are Massage Bolsters that are actively being used to accommodate our head, neck, or back that face discomfort due to injuries or muscle tension.

Available in many shapes and sizes, Spa Bodega Massage Table Bolsters are made of silky smooth and easy-to-clean PU upholstery and foam for superior comfort and support to your knee, neck, and ankle. The upholstery being used is water, oil, and abrasion-resistant and is available in the complete round as well as 3/4th round shapes for specific needs on the massage table. A half bolster massage provides neck, knee, and ankle support while staying flat on the table and the flat surface prevents rolling.

Spa Bodega also has packs of Face Pillow Cushion Cradle Headrest Covers that are 100% cotton, are luxurious, and non-allergenic with a pre-shrunk cover to fit any face pillow that is currently available. The seams are specifically designed to avoid fabric wrinkles and to provide a perfectly comfortable massage therapy experience.

A great way to support the back and legs on the massage table is to place a bolster between the knees that makes a massage lot more comfortable by adjusting the posture with the use of a bolster. This technique is beneficial for clients with back pain as a massage bolster helps alleviate any additional stress on the table.