Collection: Equipment Care

It is important to keep our equipment in optimal working order but it is also very important to be prepared for the point of equipment collapse. You might be wondering what could be the moment of collapse for your massage equipment or if that is even something that makes sense. However, you might oil stain your massage table one day and still have to present the table for another client minutes later. That is a moment of equipment collapse and you will need a good massage table cover to avoid it as covers are replaceable, right?

Spa Bodega offers a wide collection of such products that will take care of your basic massage equipment, are trouble-free, and are convenient to use so you can continue to focus on your massage without any distractions. From Massage Table Face Cradle Cover to Disposable Face Pillow Covers, you have everything you need right here. All these products can be used in Spas, Clinics, Tattoo Shops, for Massage Therapists, and even home use.

Designed and sized specifically to protect your Massage equipment, these products are made of high quality and durable fabric to ensure strength and reliability. Spa Bodega also consists of disposable breathing space covers or waterproof covers for a massage table, available in packs of different quantities so you always have an extra pair and never run out of a massage table cover or face pillow cover in the middle of your massage therapy.