It's not always easy to run to a Spa or a massage studio when you need a good massage after a tiring day at work or workout at Gym. A home massage kit will help you create a comfortable and fulfilling space to enjoy a quality and relaxing massage at your own home without any hassles.

Spa Bodega Home Spa Massage Kit is packed with many exclusive features and is light-weight, adjustable, easy-to-carry, and can easily turn any home mattress into a professional massage therapy space. It is made of Ultra soft molded PU memory foam and is protected by a soft PU upholstery which is oil and water-resistant and CFC-free.

Get yourself a deeper and more relaxing massage and relieve stress or soothe tired muscles together with your family all at home comfortably. You can also try Hot stone massage at home using this kit conveniently or do cold therapy treatment for muscle inflammation.