Which is Better, Massage or Stretching? 

Which is Better, Massage or Stretching? 

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Anyone who exercises once in a while knows the pain of post workout muscle tensions and how stressful they can make your life. There are all kinds of options to manage those tensions including a relaxing massage, hot/cold compression or stretching. But with every different tensed group of muscles and the kind of exercise you do, there are specific ways to manage each muscle or muscle groups which can be confusing. Hence, we are here to clear the confusion for you.

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Whether it is a massage or stretching that you need, recovery is an important part of your exercise routine as it keeps you motivated and healthy, both physically and mentally.

How Does Massages Help in Recovery?

Massages are widely believed to enhance muscle recovery after vigorous exercises. If you are experiencing tightness to your muscles or recovering from an injury, massages help speed your recovery. Massages specifically help you improve your range of motion and flexibility after a vigorous workout.

A massage can relax your muscles, ligaments and connective tissue and even though there are many types of massage techniques, any massage therapist or masseuse will be applying the techniques, specific to each element as required based on the patient’s needs and condition.

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While it’s true that a massage will help you feel relaxed, it has far more benefits to it than just relaxation and can help stressed muscles heal faster, reduce tension from your muscles and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and even tiredness. A massage can also help reduce swelling and scar tissue in injured patients and is just an overall great option to consider that promotes one’s general well-being.

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Benefits to Stretching

What Are the Unique Benefits to Stretching?

Stretching makes sure that your muscles remain strong and healthy and reduces the chances of strain or injury to your muscles while working out by keeping them lean and flexible for strenuous activities. While massage is an option for post workout and comes into action after your muscles are in tension, stretching can also be done prior to your work out and after the work out. Stretching makes it so that you experience relatively less painful mobility while working out.

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