Spa Bodega Portable Massage Table

5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Portable Massage Table

Spa Bodega Portable Massage Table
With mobile massages becoming more and more trendy in the current massage market, folding portable massage Spa tables have become the most needed accessory. Whether you are a massage therapist giving door to door massages or if you are in need of a good recovery massage but cannot afford to go to a spa, a portable massage table can be carried, displayed and used anywhere.
Spa Bodega Benefits of Portable Massage Table
Here are some of the benefits of why you should buy a Portable massage table now:

1. They Are Lightweight & Easy to Carry:
Portable massage tables are ultra-light and foldable which makes them extremely easy to carry anywhere you like. If you give door to door massages as a professional therapist, you definitely need to buy one. Available in wood and aluminium, these tables are beautifully design, feel nice to the touch and highly durable compared to other massage tables.
Spa Bodega Easy To Travel Massage Tables
If you don’t want to set up a permanent shop, you can use these portable massage tables to give personalised massages to clients in the comfort of their own home. You can also set up your massage table at fairs, festivals or hotels for marketing purposes. Having a professionally well-made massage table is all you need when marketing your professional massage services.

Spa Bodega has some of the best quality Portable Massage Spa tables in the market with quick set up and height adjustments. Available in various trendy and beautiful colours, the wood used in Spa Bodega massage tables is carcinogen-free and meets California Air Resources Board Law (CARB)making them eco-friendly.
Spa Bodega Adjustable Massage Tables
Cushioned with a 3’’ Multi-Layer Small Cell Memory Foam, these massage tables beds provide additional comfort and fold compactly for easy mobility and storage.
2. Non-skid Foot Pads for Any Floor Use:
Spa Bodega’s portable massage tables have non-skid and big foot leg platforms which allows the table to be set up on almost any surface, including outdoors in the sand or even grass.
Spa Bodega Non-skid Foot Pad Massage Tables
The non-skid foot pads also make the massage table safe for any floor or surface so you can set up the table anywhere from your client’s private garden, park, office to a local beach.
3. Oil & Waterproof Upholstery:
All of Spa Bodega’s portable massage tables are packed with exclusive features and extra durable upholstery. From memory foam cushioning to oil/water resistant upholstery, these massage tables are the best available in the market as you don’t need to put much efforts and time into cleaning them as their surface is pretty easy to clean.
Spa Bodega Oil & Waterproof Upholstery Massage Tables
This is particularly very important nowadays with COVID-19 when a lot of people are worried about getting sick. Spa Bodega’s Portable Massage Tables make it so that you can continue to go door to door for even sudden or unplanned calls from clients for a massage.
4. Portable Massage Tables Are the Best for Home Massages:
With extra convenience in setting up and folding a portable massage table, one can easily use it at home to give recovery massages to your spouse or anyone in the family who needs a good massage.
Spa Bodega's Best Home Massage Tables
As they are stable and strong in any floor or surface. They are ideal for home use as you can use them in the garden or in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom. 
5. Height Adjustment:
Spa Bodega Height Adjustment Massage Tables
A good portable massage table offers portability without compromising quality. Buy a portable massage table with quick, accurate and easy height adjustments that sets up in seconds and won’t embarrass you in front of your clients. You might even show off a little with quick handy adjustments and garner more clients in the process.
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