35L Double Door Towel Heater Towel Warmer PREFECT FOR Catering, Hotel, Beauty, Massage Use! (White)

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Product Description

35L Double door towel heater is designed for wet towels heating with 35 liters ( Hold up to 70 towels in size 33cm x 33cm) . This Towel Heater is widely used in catering, service, hotels, beauty, massage, and other industries. The rust-proof aluminum alloy inner tank can heat the towel to 70-80 degrees Celsius, which is the best heating tool for heating the towel.

One (1)-Years Warranty


External Details:

  • Watt: 400 watts
  • Net Weight: 26.40lbs
  • External Size: 20.10 x 18.50 x 20.10 (L x W x H)

Master Features

  • Internal Total Volume: 35Liters
  • Internal Size: 13 x 12.60 x 5.91(L x W x H)- Able to Hold Up to 70 towels in size 33cm x 33cm
  • Anti-rust aluminum alloy liner, which can heat the towel to 70-80 degrees Celsius
  • the inner and lower two layers of temperature can be independently adjusted, built-in movable stainless steel towel rack, the heater cabinet door uses magnetic plastic sealing strip, which can ensure that steam will not leak and keep the towel warm

Instructions for use:

  • Put clean and dry towels inside the heater and close the heater door, then plug in the power.
  • Press on button to turn on , when the indicator lights up,it means the heater is in heating Status.
  • Press the button to turn off, the indicator light goes out and the heater will be stop heating.