Popularly used to apply pressure to muscles, release tension and ease damaged soft tissues throughout your body, Massage stones are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Spa Bodega presents you with a vast variety of Basalt Massage Stones used in cold stone massage therapy as well as Hot stone massage therapy to ease muscle tension or decrease inflammation as required.

From Triangular Basalt Hot Stone for pressure point trigger point tool to 9 pcs Standard Marble Stone Set, Spa Bodega consists of single or multiple quantity kits of uniquely shaped massage stones that are excellent for holding heat for long periods of time and has very low radiation which makes them much healthier and beneficial. Spa Bodega also has a long-lasting Massage stone warmer heating device, ideal for hot stone therapy.

We mostly use only Black Basalt Rock and all stones are polished by traditional handcraft making them wax, dye, or chemical-free.

All our Massage Stones have been processed from the organic grey stone plate, during which it has been cut, shaped, and sanded to perfection by hand. Rich in Iron and Magnesium, these small or large basalt massage stones can be applied to anywhere from large areas to smaller areas such as around the joints and are perfectly sized so you can easily hold them in your palms.