uCute Multifunctional Scraping Apparatus Electric Cupping

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Constant Hot Compress

 uCute Scraping Apparatus has a constant hot compress that is as warm as a hot towel to promote blood circulation and relax the whole body.

3 levels of heating temperature:
38°±3°C /100.4°F Suitable for scraping
41±3°C/105.8°F Suitable slow scraping and cupping
44°±3°C/111.2°F Suitable for quick scraping and cupping

Scraping and Cupping

uCute combines advanced technology with traditional therapy to realize smart scraping and cupping with 5 levels of intensities which simulate the way that a physiotherapist does.
It would be better if an essential oil is applied when using the device.

One (1)-Years Warranty

uCute Scraping Apparatus is a combination of technology and traditional therapy which means using the most advanced technology to maximize the advantages of traditional therapy. It has 3 modes: scraping and cupping, hot compress, and red light therapy to realize fatigue relief and pressure reduction. If the scraping apparatus is used with essential oil, the effect will be better.